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    Outside the flock


    I have difficulties in understanding the bold text; can anybody help?

    The old man laid a trembling hand upon my sleeve. The folly of it--with my shoes hanging like ludicrous millstones round my neck! 'If you please, sir,' he pleaded, 'have a little patience with me. I'm preaching at nobody. I'm not even hinting that them outside the fold circumstantially speaking aren't of the flock. All in good time, sir; the Almighty's time. Maybe--with all due respect--it's from them within we have most to fear. And indeed, sir, believe an old man: I could never express the gratitude I feel. You have given me the occasion to unbosom myself, to make a clean breast, as they say. All Hallows is my earthly home, and--well, there, let us say no more. You couldn't help me--except only by your presence here. God alone knows who can!'

    All Hallows, Walter de la Mare, 1927

    Thank you very much.
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    Re: Outside the flock

    Could it mean that he is not implying that those outside the All Hallows congregation are not true believers?

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