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    Incumbent on


    Can anybody help me to comprehend what the author means by the bold text?

    We paused together beside a flowering bush of fuchsia at the wicket-gate leading into his small square of country garden. 'You'll forgive me, sir, for mentioning it; but I make it a rule as far as possible to leave all my troubles and misgivings outside when I come home. My daughter is a widow, and not long in that sad condition, so I keep as happy a face as I can on things. And yet: well, sir, I wonder at times if--if a personal sacrifice isn't incumbent on them that have their object most at heart. I'd go out myself very willingly, sir, I can assure you, if there was any certainty in my mind that it would serve the cause. It would be little to me if----' He made no attempt to complete the sentence.

    All Hallows, Walter de la Mare, 1927

    Thank you very much.
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    Re: Incumbent on

    He is clearly thinking of his daughter, who had recently become a widow.

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