Governmentinvestment in the arts, such as music and theatre, is a waste of money.Governments must invest this money in public services instead.
To what extent do you agree with thisstatement?

It is true that the arts industry is funded by the governmentsof many countries. Some people are in favour of such investment. However,others expostulate with them. They argue that the government should spend moneyon public service sectors such as education and health instead of arts. In myopinion, it is important to provide financial assistance to arts industry as itprovides opportunities to share harmony, peace, and cultural awareness amongseveral nations.
To begin with, many countries have limited budget in the currentvolatile financial situation across the world. It is abundantly difficult forthe government to manage the annual amount allocation procedure for basicfacilities for the people. For instance, one million dollars are being usedevery year in Pakistan for painting exhibitions despite the fact that healthoperations are not free of cost in the country. Investments of such a hugeamount are unwarranted. It seems superfluous to invest money in arts departmentbecause other important public sectors require more funds.
Despite the above arguments, in my view, it is imperative topromote arts and culture of a country.
Industries such as film making, drama and theatre have played a vital role in escalatingthe tolerance ratio between countries. For example, in countries such as Pakistan,people like to watch Indian movies which have bought both countries together inspite of a history of wars between each other. Both countries have started tolike each otherís traditions and the trade between both countries is thriving.Eventually, the good relationships between countries will have global impact toeradicate terrorism, animosity and hatred.

In conclusion, I believe that arts sector is playing animpressive role in good relationships between different countries. We shouldpromulgate every aspect of arts field through social media to achieve a prosperousglobal environment for people all around the world.