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    Can anybody please check my essay? Please

    In many countries schools have severe problems with student behavior. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?
    Schools are the place where people from various walk of life come together to gain knowledge. It has been always a natural problem that schools suffer with the studentsí behavior. By observing the preferences, inclination, tendencies and qualities of a student one can imagine to what sort of a person he will develop into. Behavior of the students is determined by various factors like home environment, society where the student grew up, kindergarten schooling, relation among the family members, and many more.
    As we all know, home is the first school of a child. The behavior of the children is mainly determined by the society that child gets in his/her home. Also, parentsí relation determines the child behavior. A good relation between the parents will surely make the students behavior better and vice versa. Frequent quarrels, arguments and bad debates among the family members hamper the childís psychology and hence he/she may start behaving badly.
    Similarly, other aspect that creates problems in the studentsí behavior is mates he/she has in school or outside school. Some of the teachers in the school may punish students physically rather than convincing or advising them about their duties, responsibilities and their coming future. As a result of which, negative effect may occur in students psychology and they may become rebel. Likewise, studentsí behavior is also determined by the community he live in, the people he talks with or the people he gets company with. Variation in the ideas, views, and goals among the peers can cause the negative behavior in students.
    In all, to make studentsí good behavior, first of all, the parents should provide proper guidance and time to their children. Use of proper languages should be made at home. Secondly, the management or administration committee of the school should monitor the students properly. Teachers at school must advise or convince the students rather than giving physical punishment. Eventually, parents can give proper care and advice to student; and notice their peers, company they get and people they deal with, in their day to day activities.

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    Re: Can anybody please check my essay? Please

    Is this homework?

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