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    Question Articles once more

    I know that this issue was discussed at the forum recently, but I need to be sure and convinced. In the phrase
    1. “the particular algorithm’s step…,”
    “the” refers to algorithm, doesn’t it? Then, there is nothing said whether a step is defined or not, and this information is not required in this sentence. Am I right?
    Some other examples:
    2. “a clustering problem,” “a clustering algorithm”—it is incorrect, since before clustering (a noun) one shouldn’t put an indefinite article;
    3. “the procedure’s effect”—“the” refers to the procedure;
    4. “a decomposition’s result” (in the meaning “a result of decomposition”)—it is incorrect again, since decomposition is uncountable.


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    Re: Articles once more

    Either 'the' or 'a':

    1. “the particular algorithm’s step…,”
    => the particular algorithm you're talking about

    2. “the clustering problem,” “the clustering algorithm”
    => the clustering problem you're talking about

    3. “the procedure’s effect”
    => the procedure you're talking about

    4. “the decomposition’s result”
    => the result of the decomposition you're talking about

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