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    can you check for me my grammar

    I not good at English. I try to write my essay. I use the word to simple. can you check grammar and connect word for me as much as you can. thank
    I like to relax in free time. I often play the video game and listening music; especially, I like to watch the movie. I can spend three or four hours for watching my favorite movie. But today I try to change my habit because I want to change my life. Relax make me happy and comfortable, but if I spend a lot of time on it is terrible. I will don't get successful in future. My new habit is studying English.

    I like to study English because it makes my life better. When I make the plan to study in America, I exert oneself to get it. And now I studied in America two year, I am to be a lazy man. I do not have a dream in future. I don not know what I want. I do not have the plan. I just play without thinking in my mind. I to be a bad student. I get the bad grade. I repeat the class. I make teachers angry, and my teachers do not want to teach me anymore. That is the problem. I may not study in American. I may come back to Vietnam. I do not want that, nor my family. I have six weeks for proving myself. I will go to college or I will come back to Vietnam. My teacher said, this time, is not late to start to study. I start to stay on the table for doing my homework. I do not keep my old essay, I try to write the new essay. I feel good when I do my homework. It is not hard like I imagine. It makes me happy because I will have homework to give my teacher in next class. I will not worry when I get up and go to school because I prepare all my homework. Now I start to understand that study may not make I feel good when I do it, but it will make me comfortable and confident in next day. Something interesting does not come to in the present, but in future, it will have come.

    Learning English is interesting. A lot of knowledge I need to study, and many ways I can study English. I find the way make me comfortable. I listening music. When I live in Vietnam, I often listen English song, I just hear the music of course I do not understand. Now I start to learn. Fisrt, I listen one song ten time and try to write some word. Then, I find the lyric and check the word I wrote. I try to remember the lyric, that is easy when I sing with the music. At night, I sing without music. When I can remember, I use dictionary for find the meaning. Sometimes it is hard because the word they are use is not popular, the meaning do not like I get. I need ask my friend what is sentence mean. When I learn one song, I have a lot of new words and the way to use them. otherwise, when the music come, I can sing with the music. Ortherwise, I try combine watch movie and study English. I watch film by English, and I try to listen conversation of character. Sometimes I do not understand, I will open subtitle; then I use dictionary for consultthis word. When I watch movie, I can see action of character, and I can guess what word mean. Example, I watch Iron Man, the movie talk about the Iron Man defend his country. In scene the hero fight the evil and the hero win. He said with evil: ''The easy way for study and interesting, so it make me like to study.

    I read some information on internet: English is most popular language in the world. If I want read interesting book, I need know a lot word because good books from all country will translated into English.Living in foreign is difficult.When I go to restaurant, the waiter, who is friendly, ask me a lot. I just smile. I order my food but they give me another dishes. I do not complain because I know this is my fail. I do not speak well, so they can not understand what I said. And I know English is very important. Ortherwise, I want to buy the car, I go on internet and find some car. I do not the price of this car is low or high. I ask my friend but they tell me need find mender for check for me. When I borrow the car and bring to mender. The mender said the car have many problem but I do not understand all. I bought the car. The first day when I drive, the tire burst. The second day I drive, the car stall. I think I bought the cheaper car but I spent a lot of money to fix the car. If I want have a good life in America. I need know English.I have a lot of question, so I need someone can help me answer. I need friends. I immigrate if can speak clearly when I talk with strangers, I will make an impression on their, and I get in touch with them, I can to be their friend.

    American is nice, the first day I meet them, they talk a lot about their culture. I go to their home. They teach me many new games. We go to the courtyard, they introduce about American football. The ball is oval, not circle like the ball in football in my country. instead of using the legs to play, American football played by hand. We hold the ball and throw to another person. After play American football, we go to the home and start to cook. They teach me how to cook Gyro. Gyro is the dish have meat, potato, onion, and one kind of sauce. I do not remember this sauce, because the word is difficult for say. We put the dish in oven and cook it thirty minutes. Gyro is very delicious, and we eat Gyro with vegetable. We have to talk while we have dinner. They talk about their culture, their habit, and their successful. Sometimes, everyone laugh everyone laugh, only me do not laugh because I can not understand what he say; I do not know this word. My friend tries to use body language for help me understand but it is not interesting.
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    Re: can you check for me my grammar

    Quote Originally Posted by greatboy_900 View Post
    I am not good at English. ​I try have tried to write my an essay. I have used simple words. to simple. Can you check the grammar and connect correct the words for me as much as you can? :). Thanks.

    I like to relax in freetime. I oftenplayvideogameandlisteningmusic; especially, I likewatchmovie. I can spendthreeorfourhourforwatchingmyfavoritemovie.
    Welcome to the forum.

    I have made some corrections to your first paragraph (not part of the essay). Please look at them carefully. It is important to follow these rules of written English at all times:

    - Start every sentence with a capital letter.
    - End every sentence with a single, appropriate punctuation mark.
    - Always capitalise the word "I".

    I have left the part of the opening paragraph of your essay in my quote but I have underlined some sections where you have serious problems with a lack of spaces between words. If you click on "Edit post", you will be able to put the spaces in. After you have done that, I'll take a look at that paragraph.

    Are you going to submit your essay to your English teacher?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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