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    their lives to be so different from mine and that of

    As I grew up, I saw people who had great riches of all types -- great jobs, wonderful relationships, and well-developed physiques. I had to know what caused their lives to be so different from mine and that of my friends.
    (Unlimited Power; A.Robbins)

    Would you be so kind as to tell me whether I have understood it correctly that he bundles up his friends' lives into one since they are presumably too similar to each other?


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    Re: their lives to be so different from mine and that of

    I would say that that's probably the thinking behind it but, much as I don't like to take issue with published authors, I would have used "those" to refer to the lives of me and my friends.

    Edit: Ah, I've just recognised the author's name and realised it's one of those self-help "how to be successful" books. I wouldn't put Robbins in the same league as a "proper" author so I'm now not surprised by the poor use of English. A proofreader should have picked it up though.

    Edit 2: I received a private message from the OP to clarify what I meant by a "proper author". I was merely trying to differentiate between certain types of writing. I would not expect to find usage such as this in a novel nor in certain kinds of non-fiction (factual historical, for example). Those books probably have high standards of proofreading and editing whereas, as I understand it, a lot of "self-help" books are written in the same way the writer speaks during those "motivational videos" I'm sure we've all seen clips of. I think quite of lot of them are self-published too so there might be no help from a proofreader or editor.
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