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  1. a.laura

    Question used to/be-get used to/would?


    I need heeeelp with this!

    it is Ok to say?:

    1) ' Is your brother eventually used to living in the USA?

    2) it was a question of getting used to a different way of life.

    3) the teacher never used to be so bad-tempered!

    4) I don't know what to put in this sentence:
    ' leaving home was difficult for Frank. His mother had always done everything for him and he just _________ looking after himself.

    5) what is the difference between these 2 sentences:

    1- Julio was used to handling delicate objects.
    2- Julio got used to handling delicate objects.

    thank you very much!!!!!

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    Re: used to/be-get used to/would?

    4- ... and he just wasn't used to looking after himself.

    a- Julio was accustomed to it, she was already handling delicate objects.

    b- means she changed a habit..


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