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    Why/And why used to ask about intentions

    Is the use of 'why' natural in an exchange like the following? (And does the whole dialogue sound natural?)

    - Are you doing (corrected) anything special after classes today?
    - Nothing special, just the usual things.(corrected) And why?
    - I was wondering if you would like to take a walk somewhere. It's (corrected) a crime to stay indoors in such glorious weather.
    - That's all right by me. I need to get a breath of fresh air. Let's meet at five at our usual place.
    - It's a deal. See you at five.
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    Re: Why/And why used to ask about intentions

    The dialog looks quite natural, congratulations. "And" before "why" makes it a little less natural; just "Why?" would be a typical response. You might want to review your text closely for spelling and capitalization errors.
    I am not a teacher.

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