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Thread: These/those

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    Question These/those

    Hi: I have problems with a choice between ‘these’ and ‘those’ in the sentences like the following.
    “In the paper, we present several practical approaches to the problem. Given the decision on which algorithm is to be applied, those/these approaches are connected with…”
    “Smith (2004) studied three algorithms that might be applied here, those of Smith (1952), Smith and Misth (1959), and AsWell (1959), in terms of their usefulness in…”
    Should I use ‘these’ or ‘those’ here? Is it just a matter of style?

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    Re: These/those

    In the first sentence, "these" would be more appropriate -- you are presenting the algorithms, so it's as if you have them in your hand and are showing them to us.

    In the second sentence, use "those", because you are now talking about somebody else's algorithms, as if you are pointing to them from a distance.

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