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    Could anybody check my English Essay

    I am preparing for the TEFL course. I had an assignment. Could anybody please check if I have any grammar mistakes or typos? My native language is Russian, so I might have some problems with constructing sentences ( sometimes they don't sound natural). Thank you:)
    Part 1 of 2:
    Study the Teacher Roles in Module 2-The Teacher (Section 2.2.). Consider these 5 roles: Assessor, Controller, Manager, Materials Producer and Motivator.
    Write a paragraph on each of these 5 roles, describing, in your own words:
    1. why you think this role is important within the classroom setting.
    2. what might happen if the teacher is not proficient in the role.
    Paragraph length: 75 words maximum Total length of assessment answer (1 of 2): 300-500 words
    Part 1
    The assessment is one of the most important tasks facing the teacher. They assess to monitor learners’ progress, to provide summaries of learning, to diagnose specific strengths and weaknesses in an individual's learning, and to motivate further learning. The trick is to use the assessments as a guide to drive instruction, not just a measuring tool. When teachers are not proficient in this role they are not able to collect information about how much knowledge and skill the students have learned and make judgments about the adequacy or acceptability of each student's level of learning.
    There are many occasions during a lesson where the teacher must act as a controller. The educator assumes this role when a new topic is being introduced for which the students have a little prior knowledge, when explaining difficult grammatical concept or vocabulary meaning and accurate reproduction and drilling techniques are needed. Organizing group activities, encouraging the learners to stay engaged and focused during the class work also require the guidance of the teacher. If the educator doesn’t cope with a role, he will encounter many problems regarding students’ attention and behavior in the class. Teachers struggle to teach, and students most likely learn much less than they should.
    Successful teachers are also good managers. They focus on planning and carrying out the detailed plan of how the classroom will operate. Good educators should take an account the different learning style of their students, value the importance of having a balance between hard work and fun in order to build rapport, give clear instructions and allocate tasks well. If the classroom is poorly managed, both teachers and student suffer. It is very likely that students won’t be able to comprehend the learning material, make no progress in studying, and, eventually, lose interest in a language.
    The role of the teacher as material producer offers exciting possibilities. Teaching materials can support students learning and increase their success. For example, a worksheet may provide a learner with important opportunities to practice a new skill gained in class. When the teachers do not possess the array of skills necessary to select, adapt or produce materials for use, there is a high possibility that they will face a problem of poor realization of the educational goal, and objectives will go largely unmet.

    As motivators, teachers can inspire, instigate and encourage the learners to do their best. They also need to be motivated and interested themselves. Motivation is a very strong factor for the educators to educate the people. If the motivation is powerful and strong, the rest of process will be easy and comfortable. Students effect from the different factors. If they find anything attractive and useful, they pay a proper attention but if they feel anything useless they get tired and bored. So a proper motivation moves them to grasp the lesson carefully and seriously.
    Part 2 of 2:
    According to the video seen in Module 3, please write a short paragraph answering the following question:
    What are some characteristics of self-directed language learners?
    Paragraph length for part 2 of 2: 50-75 words
    Part 2 Self-directed language learners
    There are some students who need little stimulation or encouragement from their teacher. They buckle down on their own and immediately get into the classroom lesson or homework assignment. They take responsibility for their own learning. These students stay on task, do their assignments on time, and deal with academic problems as they arise without getting “bored,” confused,” or “frustrated.”Autonomous learners can diagnose their learning need, apply appropriate learning strategies, evaluate the learning outcomes.

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    Re: Could anybody check my English Essay

    Is your TEFL teacher/tutor going to see this essay and mark/grade it?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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