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    Reading comprehension test

    First of all, I am extremely sorry for the poor quality photos. I intended to use them to find the test online and then present it to you but I couldn't find it.

    We wrote this test recently and most of us were confused by the possible answers in the question 14. Answers B (extravagant) and C (stylish) both seem correct. I believe even our teacher was confused as the only thing she said when we asked for explanation was "They wrote correct answer was [x]."

    I'd appreciate if an English teacher who has never seen this particular test before could read through the test, try to give a correct answer and explain why they chose that answer.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Reading comprehension test

    The text is emphasizing extravagance and cost, rather than style.

    Stylish doesn't necessarily imply extravagance. Indeed, sometimes too much extravagance can render something as gaudy or tacky instead of stylish, and one could have a simple, stylish wedding. Of course style is subjective...

    I would say B) extravagant, is the best answer.
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    Re: Reading comprehension test

    BTW Send the text and people can search for it online. You can't do that with an image.

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