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    Question Where are the mistakes?


    there are supposed to be a grammar mistake in each of the sentences. Unfortunately, I cannot find them. Can you help me? The exam is going to be tomorrow Even if you will only answer a few and will explain to me why these are wrong, it is going to help me!!



    20) Climate change is posing a serious thread to the existence of many plant and animal species that we cannot continue to ignore.

    21) The government recommended to eliminate waste and inefficiency in all social programs in order to help reduce the budget deficit.

    22) You paid my coffee yesterday; today itís my turn.

    23) Does anyone know, when the last tram leaves?

    24) Gandhi opposed to the use of violence in the struggle to attain political objectives.

    25) In the 1850s, many New England intellectuals and clergymen were demanding to abolish slavery throughout the United States.

    26) Professor Fury refused to admit that Pygmalion was not a play of Oscar Wilde.

    27) Who has never tried sky-diving cannot imagine the feeling of complete terror before the jump.

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    Re: Where are the mistakes?

    Explaining any of them would be cheating as these are for an exam.

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