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    Any difference between look and view in my examples?

    I am not sure if I can use 'look' and 'view' in the same way in my examples below.

    The photographer uses special effects to take photographs of Thomas from different angles.

    (1) Each angle shows a different look/view of him.

    (2) Each angle gives him a different look/view.

    Do the two words, look and view, mean the same thing in my examples?

    Could someone please explain this? Thank you very much.

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    Re: Any difference between look and view in my examples?

    Have you looked up these two words in a dictionary? In your examples they are nouns.
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    Re: Any difference between look and view in my examples?

    (1) view
    (2) look

    So these are the contextual responses. If you were to ask question (2) all by itself then both look and view are correct but their meaning is completely different.
    "Each angle gives him a different look" means that the angle someone looks at gives a view to the observer. If you were to say "Each angle gives him a different view" means that he, the subject, can see something he is looking at a different visual perspective from each angle that he looks at the object.

    I believe that the two statements are intended to be considered under the same perspective.

    Hope that helps
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