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    Fellowship - equivalent word

    I am looking for an equivalent word for "fellowship" in the context of a gathering of relatives, some related by blood and some related by marriage. Fellowship is the word used for a gathering of people with a common interest, eg. with a common hobby or church-goers. There are also camaraderie, togetherness, bonding, fraternity, convivality. But I am not sure which word best describes such a feeling in a family gathering.
    I am not a teacher.

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    Re: Fellowship - equivalent word

    These are sometimes called 'reunions', or 'family reunions', but that's more for a formal, organized gathering of family, often planned months in advance.

    Impromptu family gatherings such as those for holidays are sometimes as 'family gatherings' or 'family get-togethers'.

    Edit. You'll also hear 'family bonding'.
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