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    Smile reason/purpose

    Hello. I'm wondering which one is suitable in the sentences below: reason or purpose.
    (They are from an English teaching material.) Thank you.

    You're planning parties between 7 and 21. Write three invitation cards. Fill in the kinds of parties, the dates, and the reasons. / Talk about a party that you'd like to have and the reason for it.
    Your partner is inviting you to his or her parites. Look at your schedule below. If you can go, write Y. If not, write N and your excuse. Fill in the chart.

    Date / Reason for the Party/ Y or N / Your Excuse
    We're having a barbecue party and you're invited.
    I really hope you can come!

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    Re: reason/purpose

    "Reason" is the better word. Parties don't normally have a purpose.

    The reason for a party would be the occasion or inspiration for the party. Like "Steve's birthday" or "to watch the Super Bowl."

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