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    as if by a fatality and ...

    The following passage is from an Itinerary written nearly 400 years ago and translated into english 115 years ago. It is about maritime conflicts amonug the Portuguese and other European nations in waters of the south east Asia. The words and sentences printed in bold are problematic. The word "expedition" in the first sentence refers to a fleet sent by the Portuguese agains the dutch and the English.

    Faria Sousa, in giving a summary account (not very accurate) of this expedition, says: "Mauricio [Mauritius] was the name or title of the admiral's ship: it appears as if by a fatality, with the first two syllables ever grievous to Catholic ears (let severe censors pardonwhat they may call frivolous considerations), to be second Mauritaniansin those climes, like spoilers of the vineyard of Christ, which the efforts of the Portuguese had planted there."
    Thanks very very much

    Hi! am I boycotted? Or the text is so difficult!!! Give Answer, Please Godd!! It is your mother tongue, Isnt it?
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