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    Red face something/someone to (v1) or (be v3)

    Hello everyone , thanks forthis great forum.

    I just posted a thread like that but it's not found good enough.I want to improve and present this thread better for you

    I'd like to give you some examples

    If I want to mean to say " You are best option for this job" .
    Which one ıf these below is proper or correct grammatically?

    A You are the only one to choose .
    B You are the only one to be chosen .

    What if there are many options and you are authoritie and you have the ability to choose. How can we build this sentence.

    Is "You're the only one to choose. " good ?

    I mean , Does "You are the only one to choose " include two meanings? If A sentence above is correct grammatically.

    Thanks :)
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    Re: something/someone to (v1) or (be v3)

    Please add this post to your earlier thread on the same subject.


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