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    The author presents her material in which of the following ways?

    Hi, I cannot understand the right answer of the following question of the following reading. Would you please help. Thanks a lot.

    Although pathogenic organisms constantly alight on the skin, they find it a very unfavorable environment and, in the absence of injury, have great difficulty colonizing it. This “self-sterilizing” capacity of the skin results from the tendency of all well-developed ecosystems toward homeostasis, or the maintenance of the status quo.

    Species that typically live in soil, water, and elsewhere rarely multiply on the skin. Undamaged skin is also unfavorable to most human pathogens. The skin is too acid and too arid for some species. The constant shedding of the surface skin layers further hinders the establishment of invaders. The most interesting defense mechanism, however, results from the metabolic activities of the resident flora. Unsaturated fatty acids, an important component of the lipids in sebum collected from the skin surface, inhibit the growth of several bacterial and fungal cutaneous pathogens. These acids are a metabolic product of certain gram-positive members of the cutaneous community, which break down the more complex lipids in freshly secreted sebum.

    20. The author presents her material in which of the following ways?

    (A) Stating a problem and then supplying a solution
    (B) Presenting a phenomenon and then analyzing reason for it
    (C) Providing information and then drawing a conclusion from it
    (D) Making a general statement and then arguing by analogy
    (E) Making an inference and then developing it by illustration

    The correct answer is B, but I think E is correct too. I think that the “self-sterilizing” mentioned in the first paragraph is the inference and then writer develop this with some methods, as illustration, to self-sterilizing in the second paragraph What am I wrong? Thanks a lot.
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    Re: The author presents her material in which of the following ways?

    B is correct.
    The first part isn't an inference. It's empirical scientific fact that has been tested, and the mechanism is known. I would say they give the reason, not analyze it. The reason is known. B is the best answer.

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