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    selling the family silver in many monolingual dictionaries-reg

    I came across the term " selling the family silver" recently in the Indian English magazine Frontline. I searched the meaning of it in almost all English monolingual dictionaries like Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Random House collegiate dictionary, Merriam Websters dictionary, Advanced learners dictionary of current English, Chambers Twentyfirst century dictionary etc. But i could not find the meaning of the term. I am eager to know since when the term is in use? if so why the lexicographers fail to include under the headword Silver or family or sell etc.
    Hope to clarify and let the lexicographers note this for their future inclusions
    thanks and regards,

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    Re: selling the family silver in many monolingual dictionaries-reg

    Googling the phrase yields this.

    Click here to see that the expression has been in use since about 1930.

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