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    please tell me the meanings of 'blue-blooded'

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    Re: blue-blooded

    Quote Originally Posted by lilla
    please tell me the meanings of 'blue-blooded'
    'Blue-blooded' means 'noble' or 'royal'. It is a racist term originating from the conflicts between the native Castilians of Spain and the Moors who conquered much of Spain in the period between about 600AD and 1400. The Spanish natives were fairer skinned than the dark-skinned Moors from Africa, but the common people often inter-married, giving them a darker 'mulatto' appearance. It was a point of honour amongst the Castilian nobility that they never inter-married with the Moors, and so retained their fair skin. A very white-skinned person can often see the veins in their arms and legs. Because the blood in your veins appears blue (as it is returning to the heart), the nobility referred to themselves as 'blue-blooded'. The term was later exported to the rest of Europe, and remains current to this day.

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