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    Question Comparative adverb

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    a) Can the passage highlighted be considered an example of compartive degree of inequality?
    b) If so, is it a comparative adverb?

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    Re: Comparative adverb

    If it were a comparative adverb it would have to compare two things, and it's not. It's similar to, say, "Explore ... like crazy" (i.e., explore in that way). It's just an adverbial phrase.

    Now, given the wording here, 'comparative degree of inequality', it could be construed as such in the following sense: the phrase like never before contains or is composed of dissimilar, unequal, opposing elements:

    Explore ... (vb) like (prep) never (freq adv) before (adv/prep).
    Explore ... as (conj) you have never before explored.

    'like' is a preposition; prepositions require nominal objects; 'never before' is an adverbial object. It's a perfectly good phrase, yet its grammatical structure doesn't fit the rules. 'like never before' derives from, as (you have) never before (explored). 'as' is a conjunction. Omit its subject-verb pair and speakers will slip 'like' in quite easily.

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