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    Iota of a superscription


    I am not certain what the bold text means. Can anybody help me?

    It is indeed the unseen, the imagined, the untold-of, the fabulous, the forgotten that alone lies safe from mortal moth and rust; and these Vats—their very silence held us spell-bound, as were the Isles before the Sirens sang.
    But how, it may be asked. No sound? No spectral tread? No faintest summons? And not the minutest iota of a superscription? None. I sunk my very being into nothingness, so that I seemed to become but a shell receptive of the least of whispers. But the multitudinous life that was here was utterly silent. No sigh, no ripple, no pining chime of rilling drop within. Waters of life; but infinitely still.

    The Vats, Walter de la Mare, 1923

    Do the first two ones mean there was such a silence even a tread of a spectre (figuratively speaking) was not heard and there was no inscription whatever on the sides of the monumental Vats?

    Thanks a lot.
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