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    Motivational Letter...Urgent

    Hello, This is my first time ever posting here , i really need your answer as soon as possible . I would be glad for any remark you do , I am sure i have a lot of mistakes in my motivational letter , which is really important for me . Feel free to criticize as well. Thank you .

    I would like to apply to above competition of Chinese Government Scholarship due to eagerness to learn, discover culture, sustain knowledge and build up skills with professional work environment. My goal is to work intensively, improve and validate my skills.

    I am an undergraduate student of Tbilisi State University majoring in English Philology. The highest priority of my faculty is not only English language, this study is based on humanitarian world view, we study philosophy, literature, ancient culture, history and also we learn other languages than English as well. Above mentioned study system is based on credits, which allows individual to choose himself desired study course. Hence, For the past year I was specifically learning Chinese language, as well as making researches about history of China, Itís economy, politics, art and science. I tried to keep in touch with every news update related to China due to my deep concern. I have been interested in Asian culture since high school and have prepared a list of presentations and researches during which I have fortunately gained a combination of skills and values. I have developed analytical and research skills with demonstrated appeal for identifying, improving and scrutinizing complex work processes.

    I was always keen to learn different languages and get to know different culture, within each language there is a whole cultural and historical aspects that intrigue learner. Due to this curiosity I have enrolled into online courses of Tsinghua University. The core of the interest is not only learning Chinese language, but also to get close to its cultural aspect. I have successfully covered the online courses of Tsinghua university which is about Chinese art , as well as covered major part of Chinese Folklore and Chinese ancient history courses of Beijing University . All these have broadened my skills and vision of Chinese culture. The studies were based on philosophical view of explicit procreation of organic theory of nature, the core was in duality of nature and mixture of two opposites.

    I would also like to remark my personal skills, that I have developed during summer camps, which helped me to become more flexible in team work and increased my communication skills. I consider myself efficient in both team and personal works, with high dedication and productivity. I am fluent in English, Georgian Russian languages, I am also fluent in Korean and Armenian oral communication, currently I learn French as well as Japanese. I hopefully consider this as a spectrum of possibilities for different professional choices. I would like to master my knowledge of Chinese.

    Scholarship programme provided by Chinese Government gives life opportunity to students worldwide. This promotes mutual intercultural understanding directed with Chinese flow. My goal is to gain certain level of language proficiency and continue my Bachelor studies in China. Chinaís rapid economic growth and diverse technological advancements are internationally recognised and are the main reasons for people to study in China. On top of that, education standards and the global ranking of Chinese universities are great reasons for choosing China as the base for my continuing education. I comprehend the importance of this scholarship, that it represents an investment and belief in uprising generation, I would like to bring to China as much as it can bring to me.

    I hope this application will receive your favourable consideration and I will be happy to meet you at your convenience and provide additional information you may need. I look forward to receive your reply

    Mariam Gasparova .

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    Re: Motivational Letter...Urgent

    Posted and answered at the link below:

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    Re: Motivational Letter...Urgent

    Mariam, please remember that people here are volunteers, doing this in our own free time. Words like "urgent" and "as soon as possible" will not help you. In fact, you might find you get fewer responses if you try to get us to work at your speed. If something is that urgent, there are plenty of paid resources you could use.

    As teechar showed, your query had already been answered anyway.

    Thread closed.
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