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So can we use such " in the pink ";

- How are you ?
- I am in the pink, you ?

like this...
yes... you could say it that way. It can be used for the first person, second person or third person. It is a bit old fashioned tough and is not used much in Canadian English.

A similar idiom would be "on the right side of the daisies".

"You are looking fine today!", she said.

" Yeah, at least I'm on the right side of the daisies." he replied

Perhaps the boy was feeling very sick for a while and the girl is commenting on his looking healthy. The boy's reply is a humourous way of saying that he is still alive. The idiom comes from the fact that daises are often used as flowers on a grave. If you are dead you are buried under the daisies but if you are alive you are above the daisies. So "being on the right side of the daisies" means you haven't died yet.