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    Dead level of mortality


    Does the dead level of mortality mean in the text below the dullness/drabness of human life? (The guys were not interested in human race and what it stood for at all; they were interested in unusual things that were old and strange and remote to common life)

    We had sought diligently during many years for all that transcends the dead level of mortality through age or remoteness or strangeness; we had longed for the elder and darker secrets: but such longing was not incompatible with fear. Better than those who had walked always in the common paths, we knew the perils that might attend our exorbitant and solitary researches.

    C.A.Smith, The Primal City, 1934

    Thank you very much.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Dead level of mortality

    It seems to me that that they were looking things strange and unusual.

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