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    grammar correction for GMAT exam

    Dear Teacher

    Could any one tell me about the correction of a sentence?

    Q.When she retires,she will save enough money to allow her to live comfortably.
    Ans. When she retires, she will have saved enough money to allow
    her to live comfortably

    My Q is if we write"she would have instead of will have" would that be wrong.


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    Re: Grammar correction for GMAT exam

    The difference between 'would have' and 'will have' in this sentence is tense.

    She would have saved . . .
    is conditional, indicating that in order for her to have saved the money, something else must have taken place first. For example:
    "She would have saved enough money by the time she retired, but her salary was cut in half for three years."
    As you can see, the above sentence is past tense. Now let's look at the alternative.

    "She will have saved . . . "
    is subjunctive, indicating that if all goes according to the present plan, she will, in the future, have saved the money. Even though I use the word 'if', this is not conditional, because it is expected that all will go according to plan.

    "She will have saved the money because she is investing a certain amount from every paycheck she receives, and because she is a very shrewd businesswoman."
    In this example, we're discussing her in the present tense, predicting an action that will take place in the future.

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