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    ..i've just started studying A2 rnglish language annd literature. Our teacher gave us an extract written by John Donne (the extract where he says "no ma is an island" etc. Well we have to compare that with a contemporary piece of writing and we have to write about the font he chose and why and how it's different from contemporary writing, the spelling, the change of meaning, structure of sentences, the punctuation, inflexions etc. could you please talk to me about the way he wrote that extract, the style he uses and why and how it's different from a contemporary text. thank you. send the answer to

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    Re: hello

    Are you sure you have to write about the font? Do we know that Donne specified a font for publication?
    With the language, look for forms that do not sound contemporary:
    if a clod be washed
    Who today would use 'be' there? That's an example of older language in use- no one in Britain uses the present subjunctive in such a structure today.


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