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    Let's write letters if you don't mind

    Hi everyone.

    My name is Paul, I teach English in Russia and I'm Russian myself.

    In order to boost my students' interest I came up with the idea of writing letters to students from abroad. They would see that English is real, I mean, not just some random rules and words in their books.

    If any of you finds this idea ... emm ... at least not bad, I suggest trying to exchange emails between our groups. Not individually. Let's say your group and mine create an e-mail adress. Then at the lesson you give them 5-10 minutes or maybe more or less to write an email to their Russian friends. You could ask about anything. Maybe culture. Or just some basic things. And then we would answer that letter and so on. Well, it's just an idea and in case you got somehow interested we could discuss it and work on it. To adjust it to our groups. And they wouldn't only read books or films or whatever but talk to some real people.

    If you think it might be inspirational for your students, I would be happy to hear your replies.

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    Re: Let's write letters if you don't mind

    I suggest you put a similar post in the PenPals section of the forum.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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