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    Mediocre father's devotion to cutlery


    Can anybody help me with the bold text?

    It was the philosopher of the Rue de Chevreuse who cast the grain of sand into the wheels of this approximation to the solution of the problem of perpetual motion. The philosopher was really a painter, but so bad a painter that he was only known as a theorist in the cafe which supplied his creme de menthe. There he would hold forth interminably on God and man.
    Blessed with such means as a mediocre father's devotion to cutlery and an only son had supplied, it was his habit on occasion to descend into the country. Picture him, if you please, as very short and moderately fat, middle-aged at thirty-two, clad in a bourgeois suit and an artist's tie, a red handkerchief under a black felt hat upon a bushy head garnished with a little beard and moustache, perspiring in a sandy and interminable bridle-path leading from the Long Rocher to nowhere in particular.

    The Woodcutter by Aleister Crowley, 1911

    Thank you very much.
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    Re: Mediocre father's devotion to cutlery

    Throwing sand into the wheels will cause a machine to malfunction.

    It seems that his father made his living with cutlery, probably selling it.

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