I am currently training Valency Syntax Analysis for my State Exam I have to take this summer/autumn. I still get stuck quite often and despite reading the introductory book of Herbst & Schüller (2008) I don't know how to proceed. So I would like to ask, If anyone could help me with the following sentence.

"He begged my father to let me live with him."

I have got stuck with the second part. As I don't know and find any reference how to analyze constructions like "let so do sth".
My analysis up to now is:

SCU: NP h: pron He
PHU: VHCact3 h: lv begged
PCU1:NP preh: pron my
h: ln father
PCU2: to_INF h: part to
c: INF PHU: VHCact2
h: lv

PCU1: NP h: pron me

PCU2: with_NP h: part with
c:NP h: pron him

Thank you for your help.