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    there was not simply a

    While there is no denying that exceptional players like Emmitt Smith can put points on the board and enhance team success, new research suggests there is a limit to the benefit top talents bring to a team. Researchers compared the amount of individual talent on teams with the teamsí success, and they found striking examples of _________________________________________. The researchers looked at three sports: basketball, soccer, and baseball. In each sport, they calculated both the percentage of top talent on each team and the teamsí success over several years. For both basketball and soccer, they found that top talent did in fact predict team success, but only up to a point. Furthermore, there was not simply a point of diminishing returns with respect to top talent; there was in fact a cost. Basketball and soccer teams with the greatest proportion of elite athletes performed worse than those with more moderate proportions of top level players.

    Does "not simply" mean "not only" here? Does ";" between the two sentences mean "but"?

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    Re: there was not simply a

    Quote Originally Posted by keannu View Post

    Does "not simply" mean "not only" here?

    More or less
    Does ";" between the two sentences mean "but"?
    The semi-colon doesn't 'mean' but. It is, however, used to mark off one idea before a contrasting idea, so functions in a similar way to but.

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