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    A female lawyer working for a prestigious New York law firm once accompanied the male CEO of a major client to Latin America to negotiate a complex deal. Soon after they arrived, the head of the prospective Latin American partner suggested that he and the CEO go off together to discuss business―while his wife and the lawyer go shopping. The lawyer was outraged, assuming this to be an example of Latin American gender bias.Before voicing her objections, however, she called a colleague back in New York, who told her that he, too, had been excluded from preliminary talks during his last negotiation in that country. The Latin American executive was just looking for a diplomatic way to get her out of the picture as a lawyer, not as a woman. It was the local practice, the colleague suggested, for lawyers to negotiate only with other lawyers, not with the businesspeople. Had the woman lawyer insisted on participating, she would have spoiled the deal and destroyed her credibility.

    Does this "diplomatic" mean relationship between nations or people? I think the latter.

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    Re: diplomatic

    It could hardly be the former in that context, could it?

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