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    missing my old account

    Hello, I started using UE (quite heavily, with over three hundred posts both requesting help and granting it) in 2005 while living in the USA. A lot has changed since then, including my email address - can't even remember what it was. I can still find my posts in "members" but have no longer access to my old account. However, I would like to have some sense of continuity on this one - is it possible to access that old account and get it back?
    my old account data:
    Join Date27-Aug-2005 Last Activity 14-Jul-2013 08:03

    Sorry if this ends up in the wrong place, I am pretty lost here now, though I would like to come back;)

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    Re: missing my old account

    If you check your current email, you should find the answer to this- I have sorted out your old account for you and updated the email. Please let me know if you have any trouble logging in as magdalena, and welcome back.

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