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    need check for my motivation letter

    Members of XXX,

    Last year, I obtained my Baccalaureate Diploma with very good marks which gave me the chance to be a part of a prestigious Tunisian university. This semester, I was working hard to excel and have a scholarship when I came across The XXX Scholarship Program, and by having a closer review of your organization, as well as the requirements and the eligibility, I am very excited to send you my application.

    Throughout my educational career, I have always been hard-working, determined and very ambitious and the Pioneer school where I studied is the best proof. Studying in such secondary school where you can find just the best students in Tunisia developed my spirit of competition and gave me the ability to work well under pressure. Moreover, keeping up with the workload has never stopped me from having a good social life and practicing sport. I am a part of a Taekwondo team and I have always been an active member in many voluntary activities.
    Studying Computer Science Engineering at a distinguished university is what I want to do, and the XXX Scholarship Program is a great match to my interests. This Program will not just give me the opportunity to study in a well-known country with astonishing history and universities, most of them aged more than 200 years, but also it will put me in a highly challenging environment with other students from all over the world which will push me to do my best and develop my skills in a new completely different atmosphere.
    So being a part of XXX universities will open many doors for me and will contribute in building a successful career, but without having the scholarship, all these opportunities seem to be hard to reach for me due to the financial difficulties that makes me unable to afford studying abroad on my own.

    At the end, I would like to point that I have the ambition and the skill to make the most out of the scholarship program.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Yours faithfully,

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    Re: need check for my motivation letter

    Quote Originally Posted by Oussama13 View Post
    a prestigious Tunisian university.
    Which one?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oussama13 View Post
    and have a scholarship when I came across The XXX Scholarship Program,
    What does that mean? Please rewrite it clearly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oussama13 View Post
    Pioneer school where I studied is the best proof.
    What does that mean, and what is it proof of?

    I also suggest that you elaborate on your achievements (academic and otherwise) as well as your career goals/ambitions.

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