Hello, I am Dita from Indonesia. i want to apply PPAN scholarship.
i have problem with my english.

My Motivation for PPAN
My name is Dita Amelia. I was born in May 18th, 1991. I come from a village located in Bangka Tengah District called as Kulur. I was born in lovable and educated family for my parents are teacher. I also inherit their skill as a teacher that had been my ambition when I was a kid. Then, I have reached my ambition and I have taught English at an Islamic school in Simpang Perlang, Koba since November 2013.
I have passed my whole education phases in a good way. I got good achievement in school and college, it was proved by the rank from elementary school to senior high school. I got first or second rank in class, and also top 10 of national examination score in senior high school.
I started my organization activity in junior high school in SMP 1 Lubuk Besar (it was SMP 2 Koba) as a member of OSIS, or known as in-school students organization. Furthermore, I had ever asked for being a master of ceremony in ninth grade farewell party at junior high school. That was my first experience in public speaking. Then, I also won as the runner-up for poetry reading competition held by my school.
After graduating from junior high school, I continued my school to the only one state senior high school in Koba, Bangka Tengah; it is SMA 1 Koba. That school was the most favorite school at that time before other state senior high schools are built. There, I joined theatre club, performed poetry reading for the third graders of senior high school in farewell party, and performed colossal dance for the same program but in different year.
On 2008, I graduated from senior high school and continued my study to State College for Islamic Studies (STAIN SAS Bangka Belitung) that is located in Petaling village, Bangka District. I took English Education for I really like learning English since elementary school. Being teacher is my ambition and English is my most favorite subject, so I chose to be English teacher. My dream comes true now.
During to be a university student, I participated in some workshops or other activities, such as Workshop Contextual Teaching and Learning at LPMP Bangka Belitung, the annual English competition Southeast Asian Olympics (SEO) held by Binus in News Casting Competition, Seminar of the 11th Annual Conference on Islamic Studies (ACIS), Training of Trainer (TOT) Pemanfaatan Teknologi Nuklir held by BATAN, the first winner of Indonesian Debate Competition held by DEMA STAIN SAS Babel, and other activities held by college. I also joined HMI (Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam/Islamic Association of University Students), DEMA (Dewan Mahasiswa) STAIN SAS Babel, and GEC (Global English Club) STAIN SAS Babel. I was joined as committee in Workshop “Penulisan Karya Ilmiah” cooperated with Dakwah Major, and organizer committee in Annual Conference on Islamic Studies held by STAIN SAS Babel cooperated with Ministry of Religious Affairs. In my major, I had joined as assistant teacher in SD 10 Sungailiat cooperated with English Major STAIN SAS Babel for 1 year.
I am so excited with new knowledge, so that I keep searching for educational seminar or workshop held by other institution when I have been a teacher. I participated some seminars, such as Sistem Pendidikan Alternatif held by LDK An-Nahdhi STMIK Atma Luhur, National Education Seminar held by PGRI Bangka Tengah, and joined Training for madrasah teacher in encountering Kurikulum 2013.
As stated before about the excitement of new knowledge, I am motivated to join the Youth Exchange held by Disparbudpora in some purposes relating to youth responsibility as the next generation of our country. Every country put its hope on youth. As our first president, Ir. Soekarno, said that “give me 10 youths then I will change the world”, it means that youths have strong influence for a country. I simply conclude the statement that youths have critical thinking of any problem or issue happens in the world, they still have high motivation in their life, and the most important thing is they have much chance to change, move, or play role in a country. Furthermore, being creative and innovative youth claim them to look ahead the chance and knowledge globally.
I have looked that chance in this program. I believe that joining this program can be one step of mine to bring my dream into reality; encourage my students and other youths around me to move and start new movement with global knowledge, be involved in other great youths to have mind/knowledge exchange, and get new experience by visiting other countries.
After joining this program, one plan has been organized as the implementation of getting experience and new knowledge. My program plan is delivering the importance of being great youth with global knowledge, in this case English ability, by holding the English teaching activity to the students as new generation of our country. The reason of taking this program plan is based on my experience in teaching English in private Islamic school. Most of the students have lack of national and international knowledge, moreover in English. Meanwhile, living in this globalization era claims people to be able in English in order to communicate, read, or have cooperation with other countries. Then, to comprehend the international issue, people must be good in English.
Finally, I would like to conclude that we may live in remote area, but our thought must be national and international. We may survive with custom law, but we must also realize that now is globalization era with sophisticated knowledge and technology.

Please help me :)