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Thread: Giving emphasis

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    Giving emphasis

    I'm trying to give emphasis but I got a bit confuse in this context:

    "Thanks a lot girl, I do loved it."

    The following verb comes in the past tense "loved", so what should I say? I did loved it or I do loved it?

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    Re: Giving emphasis

    I did love it.

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    Re: Giving emphasis


    Hello, Allan Martini Colombo:

    Raul: Did you get the hat that I sent you yesterday?

    Mona: Yes, I did. I was so busy that I didn't have time to call and thank you.

    Raul: Do you like the hat?

    Mona: I love it.

    Raul: Really? Or are you just trying to be nice?

    Mona: Believe me, Raul. I do love it!

    Raul: That makes me so happy!

    Please remember: after "do" or "does" or "did" (for emphasis), one ALWAYS uses the base form of the verb (the infinitive with NO "to"):

    1. Believe me! Alicia DOES speak ten languages.
    2. I'm not lying! Tony DID eat 10 hamburgers yesterday.
    3. I'm telling you the truth: I DO own ten automobiles.

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