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    Petty spite of the hated home


    I have difficulty in understanding what the bold text means; can anybody help me please?

    Now, as Herbert Spencer (a little late in the day) maintained, "Action and reaction are equal and opposite;" and experience teaches that fanaticism does not escape this law. There are no anti-Christians like the children of Plymouth Brethren. They have the Bible at their fingers' ends; they quite agree that Brethrenism is the only logical form of Bible Christianity; they associate it with every grand tyranny or petty spite of the hated home; and so they are frankly of Satan's party. Terrible opponents they make. The Plymouth Brother can find a text of Scripture to buttress his slightest act, and his son has consequently an equal armory of blasphemy, which, with a little knowledge of Greek and Hebrew and of various infidel writers, makes him unchallengeable in debate.

    A. Crowley, The Death Bed Repetance, 1916

    Thank you.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Petty spite of the hated home

    Understand it in the context in which it is used. The writer says that the strictness of the teaching inspires a spirit of rebellion. The stricter the teaching the more the rebellion.

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