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    the definite and indefinite articles

    In the following sentences would it be correct to use the indefinite (or definite) article before 'Head of the UN Habitat Agency' and 'UN Habitat`s Executive Director'.

    "Anna Tibaijuka, HEAD OF THE UN HABITAT AGENCY, urged governments and donors to take more seriously the problems of at least a billion people. "

    "The average aid worker is not aware of the extent of the problem - this report is the proof, UN HABITAT`S EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR added."

    What about these two?

    They lived in Umbria (Italian region) , but moved to France.
    They lived in Umbria (an/the Italian region?)....

    Alex McCarthy (American economist) decided to...
    Alex McCarthy (an American economist?) ...

    I think (but i`m not sure) that articles are not necessary in sentences like these when they are used in written language but what about spoken language?

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    Re: the definite and indefinite articles

    1. Anna Tibaijuka, (the) head of ...

    2. ... this report is the proof, the director of ... added.

    3. They lived in Umbria, a region in Italy, but moved to France.

    4. Alex McCarthy, an American economist, decided to...

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