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    Can a watch be considered a "device"? the use of the word "device"?

    I checked the definition of the word "device" but I never heard it referring to "watches".
    My question is therefore which class of objects can be referred to as "devices"?

    The examples I have in mind are small electronic and/or electric appliances such as "remote control", "smartphones", "tablets" and I would rather use the word "machine" to refer to a dishwasher for example, not a "device that washes dishes".

    Thank you in advance for your answer

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    Re: Can a watch be considered a "device"? the use of the word "device"?

    Yes, a watch is definitely a device.

    1. a thing made for a particular purpose, esp. a mechanical or electric invention:
    1. (Collins)

    Click here and read the definition in many other free online English dictionaries.

    Bookmark the site for future reference.

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