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    The use of "of" with the verb testify

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering about the use of the preposition "of "in combination with the verb " to testify". I read in the dictionary that the official preposition that would be the closest to "of" would be "to"( ex: this testifies to). But I still saw that some people use "testify of" in unofficial written sources on the internet.
    Would it be considered a real grammatical mistake if I for example write the following sentence : " His behaviour testifies of his personal integrity and intelligence" ( in the sense of his behaviour shows/ demonstrates his personal integrity and intelligence) ?. And would a native speaker understand what I meant ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: The use of "of" with the verb testify

    A native speaker would understand you, but this native speaker wouldn't use of there. It's not a grammatical error to me, but an unnatural choice of preposition in the place where a preposition should go, so it is more a collocation issue.

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    Re: The use of "of" with the verb testify

    The first two pages of a Google search would suggest that "testify of" is used in religious contexts. "We testify of Jesus Christ". The fact that no non-religious example shows up in two pages indicates that it might be either archaic, or religious jargon.

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