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    shyster permanente hospital

    I 'd Like To Know If Permanent Means The Same As Permanent,
    I Couldn't Find An Answer To This Yet.
    Please Help Me,
    Thank You

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    Re: shyster permanente hospital

    Kaiser Permanente is composed of Kaiser Foundation Health Plans (nonprofit corporations), Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation), and the Permanente Medical Groups (for-profit professional organizations).

    shyster (noun) slang, An unethical, unscrupulous practitioner, especially of law. Calling someone a shyster might be considered libellous; ...

    Days After Lambda Legal’s Appeal, Kaiser Permanente Approves Kidney Transplant for Patient with HIV

    (Denver, Wednesday October 8, 2003) - Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund today welcomed Kaiser Permanente’s announcement that it has reconsidered its initial rejection of a kidney transplant for a Denver-area man with HIV and will now cover the procedure.

    According to Lambda Legal, people with HIV are still sometimes blocked from being considered for transplants, even though medical and scientific evidence makes it clear that they should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis like any other transplant candidates.


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    Re: shyster permanente hospital

    As far as I know, "permanente" is not English, but Spanish. It translates to the English "permanent."

    "Shyster permanente hospital" is a joke. The word "shyster" is slang meaning "an unethical, unscrupulous practitioner, especially of law" ( Kaiser Permanente ( is a well known health care insurance organization, based originally in California (possibly explaining the use of a Spanish word in the name).

    Thus, the combination "shyster permanente hospital" would be a "humorous" way of referring to a medical facility run in an unscrupulous manner. It would not reflect anything on Kaiser.

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