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    replace/substitute for

    Are the folowing sentences gammaticaly correct? Are they all natural? Do they mean the same?

    1) Robots can't totally replace humans.
    Robots can't totally substitute for humans.
    3) Humans can't be totally substituted by r
    4) Humans can't be totally substituted with robots.
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    Re: replace/substitute for

    1) is the best sentence.
    2) is OK and means, more or less, the same.
    I don't like 3) at all. I think it should read, 'Humans can't be totally substituted for by robots' and I don't like that any better.
    I don't think 4) has the intended meaning. It says that we can't do it, not that the robots aren't as good as humans.
    I am not a teacher

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