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    I am new member in this forum and want to learn.

    I am wondering if it is correct or not.

    As insturcted by you,I have received $1000 from KK on your behalf. Can I have $100/- from this receipt for the household expense and the remaining balance of $900 will be deposited in your bank. Please advice
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    Re: Receipt

    First, you should correct the spelling mistakes:

    • instructed
    • expenses
    • advise

    Next, deal with other features of form:

    • a space after "you"
    • the way you've written $100/-

    And most importantly, use the right words:

    • bank account (not bank)
    • sum (not balance)

    Also note that the word receipt, when talking about money transactions, usually refers to the document that is evidence of the transaction, not the money itself, as how you seem to be using it. So I would suggest:

    • total (not receipt)

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