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    Angry Sentence construction vs abstract/synonym analysing

    I am getting flustered because I love simple basic English. I will never understand a, verb,adverb, noun or split infinitve. So I fanatically try to keep it simple stupid or kiss. Yet I have met those who analyse each word abstractly/synonyms and all. Take the cat is on the mat. Why do they use abstracts on this simple sentence? Cat is a cat part of the feline family( yet I chose the simpler word cat instead of feline) and mat is a rug related to a carpet.

    It seems to me If the words go with the sentence logically (in some understanding order) then you have reached your goal of getting your point across without being misunderstood. Most of the time I am understood, but as of late certain people fanatically push words like abstractly and words as concepts. pljames

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    Re: Sentence construction vs abstract/synonym analysing

    It strikes me that you are more interested in meaning, where form is less important. A native speaker can learn a language without any concept of grammatical categories.

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