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    will be published/have been published

    Hello teachers,

    This time I have a question on tense.

    In the following passage (the second sentence, to be precise), is the tense correct or should it be the present perfect (have been published)?

    So strong has been the cultural taboo against discussing homosexuality that it is only moving into the last decade of the twentieth century that the “open secret” of homosexuality starts to be named and written about. In Michelle Cliff’s Abeng and No Telephone to Heaven, we have important precursors to the exciting gay and lesbian texts that will be published in the past 25 years (such as the works of Shani Mootoo, Dione Brand, and Makeda Silvera).

    Thank you!

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    Re: will be published/have been published

    It would read far more naturally as either will be published in the following 25 years or have been published in the last 25 years.

    The writer has slipped awkwardly from a 1990s point of view to a present-day one.

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