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Thread: Verb "strum"

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    Verb "strum"

    I know that you can strum a music instrument. But I have tried to use "strum" symbolically. Would you please tell me if my sentences sound natural, and if I could use " strum" in these sentences?

    1. The wind strummed the branches.
    2. The breeze strummed the leaves in the treetops.

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    Re: Verb "strum"

    Hi Bassim

    Well, I've never hear the word used outside of playing a stringed instrument so I can't really say your uses are natural but I like the poetic use you have in sentence 1. as I can imagine the branches as guitar strings. Sentence 2. is less convincing.

    For me, strum is onomatopoeic -- that is, the word itself, when you say it, sounds like the sound it refers to:


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    Re: Verb "strum"

    To me, wind is too insubstantial to strum something. It might work better if you add something: The wind's icy fingers strummed the bare branches....
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