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    Unhappy BA paper Linguistics and phonology

    Hi everyone,
    Just a few words about me and my presence here. I am a student of English and currently I'm starting to write my B.A. paper
    titled: "Competing suffixes in Early Modern English". I was looking for some information about the topic and I've found this
    forum. Does anybody have some information or ideas that are interesting and extensive enough to fit the BA extent?
    Here are some points I've made, which I'm planning to write about; It's an outline for a plan.

    1. Introduction. Here I want to introduce the aim of my work. Exactly. That's the point of my consideration, what can
    be the aim? I've been thinking about sth like this: Exposition of the most common suffixes throughout history of English
    language. Of course I will expand the topic for about 2-3 pages
    2. Definitions (about 8 pages) More often than not any kinds of definitions related to the subject
    3. Competing suffixes (no idea how to start it...)
    3.1 Selected suffixes (the mosty common, 3-4 items, write the origins of those suffixes with examples?)
    3.2 Why those suffixes last? (From where they came, what language influence, etc.)
    3.3 Other aspects of competition (quantity, division of origin languages?)
    3.3.1 Verbs
    3.3.2 Nouns
    3.3.3 Adjectives
    4. Solutions to competitions
    (How many changes it involved, how many rules there was and why, meaning of the process and the
    influance to modern english, etc)

    What do You think about those points. I would be grateful for any kind of help on this subject.
    The time is ticking, I expect to write the 1st chapter until the end of march.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: BA paper Linguistics and phonology

    Did you choose this topic yourself? If so, you are more likely to have relevant ideas than many of us.

    If time is short, then I would strongly recommend that you discuss your plan with your tutor/supervisor. S/he is the person who knows what the university is likely to find acceptable.

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