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    Question That's quite an offer.

    What does " offer " meaning in the sentence of "That's quite an offer. "

    I read it on
    Dealing with bored of BBC 6 minute English.


    Restless, you mean unable to sit still because you get bored or worried even. Okay. I wonder how you'd feel watching the longest continuous play recorded?


    That's quite an offer. What do you mean?
    Source URL:

    Does it mean the question Rob asked ? So does the sentence of "That's quite an offer" mean "That's an interesting question?"



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    Re: That's quite an offer.

    not a teacher

    I think that Finn is suggesting, in a light-hearted manner, that Rob is actually offering him the experience of watching the "longest continuous play recorded". Of course, Rob was merely using the long play as an example.

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