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Thread: on business

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    on business

    Quoted from the novel Out of Africa by Isak Dinensen:

    "The tropical night has the companionability of a Roman Catholic Cathedral compared to the Protestant Churches of the North, which let you in on business only. Here in the great room everybody comes and goes, this is the place where things are going on."

    I am wondering the meaning of "on business" and therefore I could not decide whether the next sentence "Here in the great room everybody comes and goes, this is the place where things are going on." is for Catholic or Protestant Church?

    Option 1: means you go to the church for some particular purpose e.g. confession.
    Option 2": means there is a ceremony e.g. a Mass.

    Please Teacher help me out. Thanks.
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    Re: on business

    "On business" meaning that there is a service or meeting or some official reason for you to be there.

    Catholic churches are normally open for anyone to come in and pray, etc. whenever they want to. That is the contrast being made.

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